SEMAC 1640X480January 2013 

OFFSHORE: SEMAC1 Ship - docked at Saipem Yard Karimun in Indonesia



A team of Carpensalda's  welders skilled in TIG welding of alloy steel is working on board of the barge Semac1 (fleet Eni / Saipem) which is currently at the Yard Saipem Karimun.
Our work concerns the junctions of pipes 22-inch made of  steel Inconel. The Inconel is an alloy of stainless steel, mainly consisting of nickel (48% -72%) and chromium (14% -29%),it is part of the family of the austenitic structure superalloys based on nickel-chromium. It has excellent resistance to high temperature oxidation and corrosion;thanks to these characteristics Inconnel is used in parts of gas turbines, in the oil industry (for example for the interior lining of the tubes) and in the chemical industry.

It is an alloy difficult to weld, and for this project we have used our best welders.

Other names for this alloy are: Chronin, Altemp, Haynes, and Nickelvac Nicrofer..


Our welders have passed the training course known as BOSIET. A course that all of our technicians who have to work on offshore installations have to attend. This course provides a basic knowledge of safety procedures and emergency work in an efficient and safe installations offhsore. BOSIET is going to Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training, the course includes: Occupational Safety and Hazards, Fire fighting, survival and rescue, evacuation helicopter cabin, helicopter safety.

The ship is in jetty of the yard of construction Saipem of Karimun and it occupies an area of 130 hectares and is equipped with the most advanced equipment for the manufacture of structures, used in a wide range of oil and gas projects. The shipyard is designed to achieve a  productivity higher than 35,000 tons of processed steel a year.


Here there are a maps of KARIMUN Yard: