CARPENSALDA is an European company specialized in: Welding Services, Naval Metal Carpentry, Piping Assembly, Engineering and Plant Management with HEADQUARTERs in Switzerland and Bulgaria.

CARPENSALDA is able to provide straight-forward services to Clients “face to face” based relationship.

We get the best from the integration of both our local and international natures, optimizing the circulation of data and information, resulting in multidisciplinary performances, dynamism and working flexibility obtained by the synergetic use and management of Human, Technical and Organization Resources which are blended and coordinated according to specific project requirements.

We are flexible and ready to handle all sizes of Oil&Gas, Ship-building, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Steel Plant, from the very large to the smallest, with the same effectiveness and convenience to the Client.

Originally CARPENSALDA was founded in Italy on 2007 as an S.R.L. company but on 2016 CARPENSALDA moved the head quarter in Switzerland and became an SAGL company and in March 2017 opened a new company in Bulgaria called CARPENSALDA EAST EUROPE LTD.

Mr.Alfredo Muto, the owner of both companies, actually started 10 years before (1997) with another company in Italy just specialized on welding activities.

Usually our Clients involve us on 3 main field: the construction of sub-sea structures, shipbuilding and pipelines/piping.

We provide teams with specific professional technicians who take care of Client's project.

The group is acquiring new spaces in the engineering market, thanks to a wide range of high-tech services (utilized programs: KATIA, TEKLA, AUTOCAD 2-3D, SOLID EDGE, AUTOPLANT, PRO STEEL, PD SHELL, PDMS, STAAD PRO, CAESAR II, PRO-Engineering, MICROSTATION, PLANTSPACE, PIPESTRESS, etc..) and knowledge of the main International standards codes.

CARPENSALDA multidisciplinary vocation makes us able to find the right solutions to fulfill the latest civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and process engineering technical standards, but still being meaningful, economically and environmentally sound and ensuring long-term projects sustainability to the benefit of our Clients.

Covering all phases of the value chain, from Strategic planning, Project Development and Implementation to Plant Operation and Maintenance, CARPENSALDA is able to handle any type of contracts, providing the following, but not limited to, major typical deliverables and services.

Carpensalda’s personnel is composed by highly trained: Welders, Structural Fitters, Pipefitters, Foremen, Supervisors, Welding Inspectors, NDT operators, Trainers, Engineers and all other kind of professional roles related to this field.

Carpensalda can provide welders specialized in all kind of industrial welding (GTAW, SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, SAW) with experience acquired in prefabrication and assembly of pipelines, steel structures for industrial plants, construction and repair of ship hulls, as well as onshore and offshore platforms.

We take care on the MAN POWER with appropriate and necessary supervision (when required) through an adequate numbers of Foremen and Supervisors.

In order to be more helpful for Client's Project we are at its disposal to taking care directly for all the other contingency such as, but not limited to: equipment, consumables, toolbox, accommodation, flights, local transports and other associated logistic services.

Another activity that we can provide is welding school/training for local workers.

Indeed through our specialized European Trainers with more than 25 years of experience we can teach local personnel and improve their skills, quality and productivity thanks to our know-how developed in this field.

In our business model we work directly on the premises of our clients where we provide high specialized manpower services or training school.

Today our core business is based on the construction in both field: on-shore and off-shore.


The SERVICE is performed world‐wide on board of CONTRACTOR’s vessel/barge, in a marine environment whenever the vessel/barge stands away from the shore of not less than 7 miles.


The SERVICE is performed world wide on CONTRACTOR’s in‐land premises (yards, sites, shops, etc) or on board of CONTRACTOR’s vessel/barge whenever the vessel/barge stands moored at the quayside / Shipyard.

Carpensalda is made up of technicians with proven experience and professionalism achieved by numerous projects carried out all over the world as you can see in our page Services offered.

Carpensalda relies on highly specialized professionals with technological skills oriented towards innovation in all phases of engineering, project management, and construction.

A side of the company is focused on engineering services, building’s designing activities, so we can offer a complete range of services to solve technical issues. Our activities are carried out and co-ordinated by engineers with specific experience in the fields of on/off-shore, steel, chemical, petrochemical and naval.

The mission of Carpensalda is to ensures the perfect development of its projects and the customer satisfaction through a dedicated project management team and a fully integration with engineering services and construction activities.

Carpensalda reaches high level objectives through continuous investment in highly specialized personnel and research and innovation of construction methodologies and techniques.

For a company to provide quality products, it must be taken numerous factors and elements into account. It is for this reason that Carpensalda pays great attention to detail throughout the production chain.

For us, quality means using standard production processes and technologically advanced methods. Quality means taking care of our customers and bringing requested projects to completion. Quality also means safety, reliability, and skill.

To offer increasingly better service Carpensalda has been certified for its quality process management systems according to UNI EN ISO 9001-2008 standards and environmental quality in compliance with 14001 - EMAS standards.

During the last 10 years the firm has been working continuously in the field of welding services for two Main Client such as: Saipem and Fincantieri. More details are widely shown on our Project References.



  • CARPENSALDA S.R.L. (Vendor Code: 75178)

SAIPEM / Eni :

  • CARPENSALDA S.R.L. (Vendor Code: 73114)
  • CARPENSALDA SAGL (Vendor Code: 148768)
  • CARPENSALDA EAST EUROPE LTD. ( Vendor Code: 154755)






We are available to provide our specialized personnel with proven skills / capability in the field of welding services included pipe-fitting services as per your request.

We can also provide a proper number of supervisors in order to properly handle the on field workload and manage on site all the fabrication necessity.



  • Welder Supervisor
  • Field Piping-Structure Supervisor
  • Welder Foreman
  • Welder Trainer
  • Steel structural Carpenter Foreman
  • Pipefitter Foreman
  • Steel Structural Carpenter
  • Pipefitter
  • Welder – SMAW Process
  • Welder – GTAW Process
  • Welder – GMAW Process
  • Welder – FCAW Process
  • Welding operator – SAW Process
  • Welder Repair (Carbon Arc Air Gouger)
  • Welder Repair (Plasma Arc Gouger)
  • Automatic machine welder “Passo”/SWS
  • Automatic machine welder “Presto” system
  • Logistic Coordinator



CARPENSALDA and its subsidiaries companies provides activities of Engineering and Design, Procurement, Project Management, Qualified Assistance, Supervision in field for the following disciplines: Process, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation:


  • Bid Engineering – Front end engineering - Design Basis Memorandum, Design Specifications, Piping & Machinery arrangement, N-Class Estimate, Civil General Arrangement, electrical and instrument study
  • Basic Design - Cost Estimate, Technical Specification for machinery, electrical and instruments. Plot Plant study, Piping Class, Risk analysis, Civil Works Input, Documentation for compliance to local Government Laws, Process.
  • Engineering - General arrangement, Development of Skid packages, Stress Analysis, Structural steel design, Technical analysis for bid offers, Supports location, Machinery & Equipment Data Sheet, Material Take Off, Isometrics, Machinery & Equipment mechanical drawings.
  • Detail Engineer - Piping, supports, steel structures, civil, vessel, electrical and instruments .




CARPENSALDA provides construction Project Supervision and Management, commissioning assistance:


Construction DPT

Project Manager

Site Manager

Construction Manager

Contract Administrator

Project control

Field engineer

Material manager

Structural Engineer

Logistical Transport coordinator

HSE coordinator / manager


Civil DPT

Civil. Technical Office Eng.

Civil superintendent/

supervisor Geologist Eng.


Mechanical DPT

Mechanical Site Technical Office Eng.

Mechanical field superintendent

Mechanical Supervisor

Piping Supervisor

Pipe Line



Machinery DPT

Machinery Static & rotative Eng.

Machinery Static & rotative



Drilling DPT

Drilling Supervisor On-Shore & Off-Shore

Workover Supervisor

PPEFG Engineer

Well Site Geologist

Mud logging

Engineer Data

Electrical DPT

Electrical site Technical Office Engineer

Electrical supervisor H/M/L tension

Electrical S.S. supervisor


Instrument / Automation DPT

Instrument site Technical Office Engineer

Instrument Supervisor

Automation Eng.



Quality Assurance Manager

Quality Control Engineer

NDT Supervisor


Welding Qc Inspector

Ndt Qc Operator

Dimensional Qc Inspector

Dimensional Qc Supervisor 

Dimensional Operator


Commissioning and Start-up DPT

Commissioning Manager

Commissioning Supervisors (Mechanical, electrical, instrument)

Control panel operator

Chief Laboratory

Guaranty Engineer


Painting & insulation & scaffolding DPT

Painting & Insulation Supervisor

Coating, Painting  Qc Inspector






Maintenance Coordinator

Maintenance Supervisors (Mechanical, electrical, instrument)