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September 2012

Fincantieri entrusts Carpensalda the realization of caissons for the  rescuing of Costa Concordia.

On commission by FINCANTIERI, we have built some of the boxes that will be used for the recovery of the Costa Concordia.

 Within the project for removal of the wreck of the Costa Concordia, built by Italian-American consortium Titan-Micoperi commissioned by Costa Crociere, has been assigned by Fincantieri to Carpensalda a contract for the construction of caissons that will be used for the removal.

They are caissons made of steel, the draft of the Costa Concordia wreck removal involves the use of such bins to straighten the ship and bring it back to the waterline.

After making safe the ship, the boxes will be installed on the side of the ship emerged and gradually filled with water to facilitate the straightening of the ship, which will be carried out through a set of jacks called "strand jack" fixed to the diving platform support. Once straightened the ship, will be installed bins filled with water on the other side. The caissons of both sides will then be emptied from the water, in such a way as to bring the ship to float, and to allow the tow in an Italian port.


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Photo source: Article La repubblica


These caissons will be placed as shown in the video below where there are described the various stages of the recovery of the Costa Concordia.