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March 2014 - January 2015 The Netherlands - Construction of structures OFF-SHORE called SSIV and WYE for the DONG project at SAIPEM YARD Equipment Rental & Services B.V. in Schiedam (ROTTERDAM).

From March 2014 to January 2015 in HOLLAND we employed about 40 units between technicians, supervisors, welders and carpenters to build two offshore structures from 85 tons for the project DONG at Yard SAIPEM Equipment Rental & Services BV in the city of Schiedam.

The Carpensalda has provided all logistics support to the workforce taking care directly: TRAVEL, FOOD, LODGING, FREE LOCAL HIRE INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT, SUPPLIES AND CONSUMABLES for all the duration of the project.

Fabrication of subsea pipeline operation structures

The final connections between the new pipelines and the existing installations (the Hejre platform, The Gorm E platform and the gas export pipeline from Syd Arne), will be made with tie-in spools. The tie-in spools will be measured, fabricated and installed in 2015 in order to make up the connection, but the tie-in spools are also flexible elements, as pipelines expand during operation due to variations of temperature and pressure.In order to operate and maintain the pipelines safely in the coming decades, further technical equipment must be installed, such as subsea valves, pig-launchers and receivers and auxiliary equipment.

In Schiedam near Rotterdam, ERS/Saipem are currently manufacturing the Subsea Sea Isolation Valve structure and the oil export pipeline WYE structure.

The Subsea Isolation Valve protection frame Dimensions are: 16 x 10.7 x 3.3 metres and it will weigh 101 tonnes.  

The Subsea Isolation Valve (SSIV) is a safety valve to be installed in the safety zone at Hejre, and it will automatically isolate the 12” gas export pipeline from the Hejre Platform in the event of a rupture of the pipeline between the Hejre platform and the SSIV.

The oil pipe WYE protection frame dimensions are: 16 x 10,7 x 3.3 metres and it will weigh 96 tonnes. The oil export pipeline WYE will be placed approximately 21 kilometres from the Hejre platform in the 12” oil export pipeline to the Gorm E platform, allowing future fields to connect to the oil export pipe.

Both structures are designed to protect the installations, including valves and auxiliary equipment from primary fishing activities, but the design of the structure must also allow divers and ROVs to access and operate the equipment, when installed.

The Subsea Isolation Valve structures, including valves and tie-in connections (spools), and oil export pipe WYE will be installed and bolted to the pipeline ends during the offshore campaign in 2015. 


You can see in this video the  SSIV structure finished out of the workshop built:



Below there is a photo gallery of the project: